If a day goes by without my doing something related to the visual arts, painting, drawing, graphic design, photography or video and editing, it's as though I've neglected something essential to my existence, it's as though I had forgotten to wake up. . .

...pronounced lake effect

VIDEO & FILM AIC_modern Summer, 2018

Film, video and new media exhibition at the modern wing of the AIC.

Nature_birds, SUMMER, 2019

Common Turn, Fishing in Lake Michigan, 2019

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Music Video, Singer Songwriter Michael McDermott's

New Single Knocked Down. 

Available on PAUPER SKY RECORDS Chicago

Directed by Fred Uhter | Edited by Dan Christmas

Motion animation and music editing for promo of book.​ 

sports-bumper, 2015

​​iPhone video, animation and editing.
Music: Fire, by Jimi Hendrix

Client: VICTOR SKREBNESKI, 2006 Chicago's celebrated fashion photographer at work on location for Florida International Magazine showcasing jewelry and swimsuit lifestyle. Video short-doc trailer shot and edited for DVD produced to accompany Victor's new photo book.

A  R  T   +   D  E  S  I  G  N   +   M  U  L  T  I  M  E  D  I  A

Promotional Motion Video compilation created with footage of some of the best musical performances featuring Guest Artists. Media usage for Social
Media marketing.
Pedestrian DéCollage Photoworks
DéCollage in art is the opposite of collage. Created by pedestrians cutting, tearing away or otherwise removing pieces of an printed image revealing
to a greater or lesser degree the poster or posters underneath.
These photoworks are a fusion of visual relationships that integrates influences from abstract painting, photography and graphic design.

​This book documents the first early interest in images of torn posters from "Post No Bills" construction sites to the development of customized new photoworks created by digital manipulation from
the many DéCollage photos taken over the years.​

The new works in the book are pulsing with tension
between opposites with the intention to deconstruct
and reconstruct these images of popular culture
into personal narratives of ambiguity with humor
and a playful edge.